Document Imaging

When you have paper files to sort through, the document imaging process can make it easier to work with and store those files.

Image Processing

We help you make your workflow more efficient. Depending on your needs, our document image technician takes your paper copy and converts it to either a searchable PDF, JPEG or TIFF image.

The terms document imaging and document scanning are interchangeable. Document imaging can be part of an enterprise content management system to organize your business files into something that is manageable. The digital image is then processed so it can be searched by keyword.

Your projects are handled by our experienced team of professionals, most of who have been in the industry for more than 20 years.

Attorney Document Scanning Needs

Our Fort Worth imaging and Dallas imaging services provide attorneys with the data they need to do their jobs quicker and more efficiently. We also work with those in surrounding areas to help them with their document imaging jobs.

We can transform the mountains of discovery that comes in paper form into searchable documents in an organized manner for a quicker discovery process. Typing a word or phrase to find a particular subject you are looking for is much easier than digging through file boxes. We can categorize, organize and archive the documents making your litigation case easier and quicker to prepare.

Attorneys have also found it not only helps them during their process by increasing efficiency, but also makes it easier to share discovery with opposing counsel.

Corporate and Government Document Imaging

Document scanning is making its way through the corporate world too. As many businesses seek a paperless office, document imaging has become a popular way to improve efficiencies. Removing paper from your processes and workflows can help organize and streamline your business making everyone more efficient. Imagine finding the document you’re looking for within seconds instead of spending minutes or hours searching through files (paper or computer files) or trying to remember what you labeled the document you’re looking for.

We can categorize and organize everything for you to make it quick and easy to locate.

Oil & Gas Companies Use Of Document Scanning

Our Oil & Gas clients use document scanning for well files. It’s a great way to archive that information after a well is sold. It’s not uncommon for them to give us 100+ boxes at a time to be scanned. We can take your projects big or small.

Falcon has been an invaluable resource for us in the preparation of trial exhibit binders and large copy notebook projects. I have requested large, complicated jobs on short notice and have always received prompt, quality, friendly service in return. We will continue to rely on Falcon for our copy service and process service needs. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job for us!
— Melissa Matej, Kelly Hart | Attorneys at Law
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