Our expertise in e-Discovery means you don’t have to be one. We provide attorneys with the technological and forensic expertise to help streamline the discovery process and make it more efficient.

Using a trusted third-party for our clients, we are able to provide our customers with the technological and forensic expertise to help streamline their discovery process. In the legal field, this practice has grown considerably in the past decade with best practices and case law being set and the field growing with e-Discovery certifications and more.

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for Attorneys

E-Discovery helps to streamline workflows as well as gathers the forensic information needed in litigation. Whether your client is requesting e-Discovery or has been asked to provide it by opposing council, we understand chain of custody and spoliation issues and how to protect the data integrity.

Our experts save attorneys time so they aren’t reading emails about what people had for lunch. Since that is one of the biggest expenses in discovery, it helps keep costs under control and is easier to show what your expenses are when you pass on vendor expenses.

Our expertise in e-Discovery means you don’t have to be one. If you’re new to this, Duke Law offers a conceptual view of the process as well as an overview of each of the phases if you are curious about learning more. However, our team can walk you through it and will ask you the pertinent questions to find out the most relevant and cost-effective route while still preserving the integrity of the data.

Electronic Discovery for Business

While this is a service our legal customers mostly use, it has uses in corporations and governments as well. The digital forensic experts are trained to gather information in a wide variety of circumstances whether it’s for litigation, investigating breaches or potential (intellectual or financial) theft in corporations. Our experts understand how to extract needed data from a variety of devices (computers, cell phones, cloud-based servers and more) to get you the information you need.

If you are gathering information that will end up in a lawsuit, most customers contact an attorney first. This paper from the SANS Institute outlines the roles of executive management, legal, risk management, IT and security departments in fulfilling the demand’s and legal obligations for a defensible e-Discovery.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Pictures and Documents

Although this is primarily a resource for attorneys and corporations during litigation, forensic experts can also recover lost data or photos from an electronic device or camera.

How Falcon Document Solutions Can Help

Our specialists at Falcon Document Solutions take the information gathered by our trusted third-party provider and organizes it according to your needs freeing up time for you to focus on your core job. We provide consulting to help you determine what you may or may not need. Purchasing through us allows you to use the service as needed which also makes client billing more transparent.

When you go through Falcon Document Solutions, the data preview costs, which will show you how much data there is and give you an estimate on how much the discovery will cost, are waived. This preview also allows you to prioritize certain types of data in case you need to reduce costs by not including all of the data.

Each customer and each e-Discovery have unique specifications and requests. We can customize and organize the discovery to what is the most convenient and logical display format for the client.

Even if you think something has been deleted, it most likely is still recoverable and discoverable. Call for more information and let our experts take a look.

Hosted Review

Many expect e-Discovery to be an expensive undertaking. In reality, it is an efficient way to collect, organize and review relevant data for your case and saves customers time and money.

Just like storing mountains of files can take up physical room in your building, e-Discovery findings can take up a lot of space on your services. With e-Discovery hosted review, we securely store your information on our servers which you can access through your login information. For added security, you can also add a second authentication process if you wish.

Using a third-party for hosting services not only frees up space on your computers and servers, it also gives you a clean and transparent way to bill your clients. Instead of trying to figure out a percentage of how much space their data takes up on your servers and bill them for a percentage of the cost, you already have an actual cost which can then be billed to the client.

Streamlined review process

Whether you have a team of attorneys or people reviewing the documents, or it is just one person, our database keeps track of what has been reviewed, and by whom, and what still needs to be reviewed. When you have 90 gigabytes of files to tag, the volume can get overwhelming and most likely not completed in one sitting.

If you need a piece of evidence printed, or enlarged for presentation, our team can do that for you so you don’t have to deal with a variety of companies for one job.

Once the case is complete, you simply end the hosted review process. If you prefer, we can put the discovery on an external hard drive or other device for you to archive.

I have worked with David and Gerard for many years and I have found Falcon Document Solutions to be a great company to handle my e-Discovery issues and manage document productions. They are very responsive, do great work, and always come through on a tight deadline. Their QC is reliable, pricing is straightforward, and they consistently keep me apprised of the status of my project and any problems they may anticipate. We’re also very happy with InControl to review and produce documents and have found it to be user friendly and reliable.
— Alyson Fillers, Winstead
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