Digital Archiving

Digital archiving isn’t just for libraries and museums. It is a wonderful way to greatly reduce the amount of space paper copies, old movie/music reels or photographs take up and preserve them for the future.

Who can use digital archiving and preservation?

  • Businesses that have client files or other records that need to be kept but have run out of storage.
  • Businesses, such as attorneys, insurance agents, doctors and accountants who have old client files but need to retain a copy for compliance reasons.
  • Businesses who need access to older files quickly.
  • Businesses who want to move data from their backup system to free up storage space.
  • Individuals who want to reduce the amount of space in their garage or attic. If you have old paper files that you need or want to keep, but simply don’t have the space to do so, digital archiving is a great solution.
  • Individuals who want to preserve old family documents and images.

What is digital archiving services?

The digital archiving process is similar to digital scanning or imaging, which turns your documents into a word-searchable format. The definition of digital archiving is converting a physical file (document, image, music, movie, etc) into a digital format. Your digital archives can then be viewed at your convenience.

When there is no time-constraint on the project, we can provide a reduced rate off our normal document scanning rate to our customers. This is a great way for individuals to clean out their garage or attic, or a small business that doesn’t want to spend money on storage to keep their files. Instead of taking up large amounts of space in your home or business, these same records can be kept digitally on a thumb drive, external hard drive or other digital device.

Some clients like to store their archives in a CD or DVD format. Although this practice is not as prevalent today as it was before with many computers not even offering DVD drives, it does prevent data from being tampered with or accidentally deleted. Just like our document imaging services, there is no additional charge for color.

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