Document Imaging Benefits Business

January 25, 2019
Document Imaging Benefits

There are many benefits of document imaging. Many people associate document imaging with going paperless and helping the environment, but the benefits are actually far reaching. The process saves time and money because it improves workflow, customer service, security and even helps some industries comply with regulations that govern documentation and record keeping. Document imaging can also be a good part of a disaster recovery plan.  

Document Imaging Benefits

  • Improve Workflow: One of the key benefits of document imaging is improving business processes. If you have multiple offices, it allows documents to be shared across multiple teams. You can create efficient workflows for creating, sharing and collaborating on documents. Depending on how your system is set up, you can even track when someone opens a file, edits a document or if the document is waiting on approval from someone.
  • Improve Customer Service: If you have invoices, leases, or a lot of information about a client or customer, documents can be retrieved quicker when they are digitized and searchable and therefore, enabling you to help your customers quicker. 
  • Reduce Storage: when paper is digitized, there is no longer the need to store it in a file cabinet which frees up office space or the need for additional offsite storage. 
  • Secure Documents: When a document is imaged, it is turned into a searchable PDF, JPEG or TIFF image using document imaging software. You no longer have to worry about papers getting misplaced, misfiled, or lost in a fire, flood, other natural disaster or theft.
  • Meet Compliance Regulations: Certain industries have regulations requiring them to keep files and data for certain lengths of time. Storing files digitally can add a layer of security especially if they are kept secured as backups or backed up on the cloud. 
  • Reduce Loss of Information: You can store your files on offsite, secure servers as well as take advantage of secure backups to ensure your data isn’t lost in the case of a natural disaster or theft at your office. Disaster recovery and planning is key for a business to quickly resume operations after a disaster and document imaging (and backing up that data to an offsite server, like the cloud) ensures that you and your office have the capability to quickly retrieve the data you need.
  • Create Searchable Files: When a document is imaged, meta data can be used to allow easy and quick access to the documents.

Benefits of Document Imaging

What Types of Businesses Benefit from Document Imaging?

  • Healthcare: In the medical field, document security is a huge concern. With many regulations in place, there is a real cost if documents are lost, misfiled or mishandled. Document imaging allows you to control access and keep documents safe and secure.
  • Legal: Document imaging helps manage the discovery process by making it faster and more efficient. It helps with managing old case files as well. The digital documents allows for organizing massive amounts of files and for their quick retrieval. A good management system can also track who opens them, changes them and more.
  • Oil & Gas: Managing land titles, well leases and long-term storage of documents becomes easier with document imaging.
  • Architecture Firms: Scanning blueprints on our large format scanner helps our engineering, construction and architectural clients keep the information they need on a project handy and easy to find. While blueprints get changed, there are times when they need an older version. It has helped optimize their business processes and reduce their drawing management expense.
  • Government: document imaging helps with compliance of the DOE’s e-Gov initiative as well as other regulations and government guidance. Preparing your files for document imaging is helpful. If you need to follow NARA guides, they can be found here.
  • Accounting Firms: Maintaining client files can be costly when it comes to either paying for additional office space or storage space to store them. Document imaging can take invoices, receipts, proxy statements, audit worksheets, IRS tax forms and other data, and convert them into electronic documents that can be searched and retrieved quickly.

How Falcon Can Help Fort Worth and Dallas Businesses

Our trained staff can help your business protect your data and increase efficiency by sorting, organizing and imaging your documents to ensure a high-quality image and maximize OCR. Our extensive experience with our legal, oil & gas and engineering customers can help save you and your business time and money. This allows your employees to focus on their core competency. 

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