What is Large Format Printing?

August 21, 2018
What is Large Format Printing

Large format printing, also called wide format printing, refers to projects that require specialized printing equipment which will accommodate larger printing projects such as posters, large maps or charts, store displays, trade show wall panels, blueprints, banners, large-scale advertisements such as building wraps and more.

Whether you’re trying to stand out in a large space to attract more customers, display detailed information on a larger scale or something else, large format printing allows you to do that.

While some business’ printing needs can be met with office printers, large format printing requires more expensive and specific equipment that can accommodate larger rolls of paper. While an office printer can typically handle up to 14” wide paper, large format printers can handle up to 16 feet. This means the possibilities for your printed piece increase dramatically. 

Large Format Printing Prices

Large Format Printing Prices

Many companies prefer the cost of large format printing prices because it’s less expensive than some other methods like screen printing. This is because production costs are less while still giving customers the same quality.

Obviously, costs will range depending on the requirements of the project. But this printing method offers a relatively quick turnaround time with the benefit of being cost-effective. 

Large format printing can help your company increase brand awareness, promote new products or services, promote a special event and reach new customers. If you’re advertising at a large event like a trade show, music festival or some other wide open area, your marketing materials need to stand out. 

Some companies use it for custom wallpaper as part of their branding. If you’ve been to Dallas Cowboy stadium, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about with images of prominent people who made an impact on the team and quotes covering the walls. While many companies won’t have the same history they want to share, printing your company’s logo or slogan is a great way to increase your brand identity. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to what can be printed on a large format printer. The size of the project and the medium you print on will affect the price, but here are some common projects:

Some typical things one might use a large format printer to print:

  • Blueprints
  • Posters
  • Vinyl banners
  • Outdoor signage
  • Window Clings
  • Backlit Displays
  • Trade show wall panels
  • Large maps or charts
  • Color comps
  • Business presentations
  • Courtroom exhibits
  • Point-of-purchase displays

Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Format Printing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Large Format Printing

There are many advantages to large format printing, including the ability to print on a variety of mediums such as hard vinyl, metal, plexiglass and much more with either a glossy or semi-gloss ink. When you open up that wide of a range of possibilities, you can really make your marketing stand out.

As with many things, printers for large format printers come in a variety of types such as aqueous, solvent and UV. Each type works best in different scenarios. 

Aqueous printers produce high-resolution images and have a quicker production time. They use water-based ink and because they don’t have harmful fumes, they don’t need ventilation. They are fairly inexpensive. The type of paper or media that goes through the printer needs to have a special coating so that the ink will stick.

Solvent printers are great for outdoor printing projects because the ink used is durable and can withstand the outdoor elements such as high heat and UV rays to flood-producing storms. The ink is scratch resistant and can be printed on flexible, uncoated vinyl surfaces. Solvent printers require a ventilation system.

UV printers provide the most versatile printing ability and can print on a wide variety of material. These printers produce the most durable products. They use latex and resin-based inks, but there are water-based latex inks which are better for the environment. If using the water-based latex ink, ventilation isn’t needed.

The disadvantage of large format printing is more from the print shop point of view, in that, a print shop may need extra ventilation and may need to tend to the project a little more than a normal project.

Falcon Document Solutions Can Produce Your Large Format Printing Projects

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